Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a call to simplicity

Recently I have been pondering on the lost art of simplicity. Appreciating the simple things the Lord has given us. Un proccessed, un fooled around with, un advertised, simple things. When I was pregnant, I decided that I wanted to take on the task of making my son's baby food. I went to books a million, big belly in tow, and patiently waited for one of those big cooshy chairs. I sat with a stack full of books on baby food, nutrition for babies, and all kinds of books of this sort. All though I would love for all of you to think that I am Suzy home maker extrordinaire, despite what you might think, making baby food is really pretty easy! At this point I started looking at what we were eating. Lots of questions.. Whats the deal with organics? What kind of meat has no hormones? What kind of dairy has no hormones? What are preservatives and why are they bad? I began to chase the rabbit. I got very interested. One day at the spa I was having a conversation with my friend Richel from the Phillipines. We got on the subject of food in America. She began to tell me how everything there is fresh! This idea of drive thrus was crazy to her! She told me how as children, the fun game on their birthday was to chase their chicken and catch it to be killed for their birthday celebration. HOW BARBARIC!!!I thought in my mind! Terrible! Not my idea of a good birthday! Then I began to think... How many chickens have I been responsible for killing in my life that I have never ever laid eyes on??You see, I like this idea of convinient food! Ask any of my friends and they will hardly call me a naturalist! haha! Jeff and I bought Food Inc. the DVD ( I challenge all Americans to watch) and I purchased Michael Pollans book "FOOD RULES" I knew this was not going to be easy, but I made myself watch and read. WOW. You see, convinient food has become so common in America, that I so many times ran through a drive through and got a burger and I NEVER once have associated that burger with a cow. We all do it. I think there is a certain amount of thankfulness that has left along with that. A cow is a living breathing creature that God made.( I am still eating them btw if any of you think this is a ploy to tell you to be a vegetarian) He says he is the God of all the cattle on the hill. They are a gift! The sad reality of the poor cows used in fast food is this. They never see grass. They live their entire life knee high in their own manure, their diet of corn makes them sick, and this beef is treated with ammonia to keep you and I from getting E coli from their meat. Now do you want that dollar burger? If I take the time to make a cake for my family from scratch, that cake will pretty much not be edible in about a week. But I can go to Kroger and buy a box of twinkies that will last 5 years in my cupboard. Something is wrong with that. After much chasing this rabbit what I have found is this. Greed. We are so afraid of loss. Loss of money.. Loss of time.. Loss of crops. Greed was what was behind giving that cow arificial hormones so that she would produce milk all the time. Greed was behind spraying our produce with DDT so that we might not loose any apples. Greed was behind genetically recreating the chicken so that it will have a HUGE breast since we all have to have white meat. And Greed is behind putting preservatives in cakies so that like magic, they will never go bad! Michael Pollan really preaches whole foods. Real foods. He says eat plants, not things created in them. He talks about the Nutrition Science in this country being only 200 years old. He says this is like letting a surgeon from 1650 cut you open. Not too comforting right!? This is why one day Margarine is better than butter, the next day you must eliminate fat, the next carbs will make you fat, ???? I am left puzzled. Are you?You cannot tell me that Diet coke and pork rinds are better for me than an orange! He says for centuries we have known that whole foods are safe. He challenges you to get back to basics. I bet more kids in America would eat vegetables if they had helped plant a garden and watched it grow. Home make a cake. It doesnt have preservatives in it that can cause cancer. Dont deny yourself french fries. They are a treat. Make them at home. Take a moment, and say a prayer of thanksgiving at the table with your family.Eat mostly plants, not things created in them, and support local farmers and people who treat their animals, and you and I with respect.


  1. Love it Paige! I am so encouraged by this! There is a great couple down at the Farmer's Market that sells grass fed cow (haha,), lamb, in the summer time they sell chickens and they also provide goats milk. They raise them organically, but can't afford the title. Their meat prices are reasonable and I don't pick up that they are greedy...just trying to get by.

  2. Ahh Paige! I love this! I needed this so much! I am impatiently waiting to get a Maximized living book from Jade while she is here. I recently started growing my own herbs and started looking at labels. I was completely appalled by the fact that i am eating things with ingredients i cant even begin to pronounce that have so many chemicals in them so i wont care about the things i cant pronounce. I love the part "Science in this country being only 200 years old. He says this is like letting a surgeon from 1650 cut you open" and you are so incredibly right about it all being about greed!! Its soo true. Thanks sweet friend.

  3. Alice- great information! I need to know their names and what days they are there! I will be using them for sure! Free range chickens are so hard to find here. Alyssa- So glad you enjoyed it! So glad you are on board! You are one step ahead of me with your herb garden! BUT I have plans.. big plans.. haha! Thanks for reading my blog friends!!! God Bless.