Friday, March 5, 2010

Goodbye Big Red Tahoe

First of all, I am loving this blogging thing and I want to thank those of you who actually read it from time to time. haha. I don't feel quite cool enough for you guys to spend your time reading my life stuff, but I so enjoy writing it! Those of you who know me know that when I was in high school, my very first car was a big red Tahoe. 95. Two door. My mother, being very over protective, made me get this monster instead of a miata because she said if someone hit me in it, I had a better chance of living. haha. OHHH Judy. I remember being 15 and looking at in on the car lot and thinking.. "Ok.. I can make this work. All she needs is some furry zebra seat covers and we are in business." Once my seat covers were in tact, I cruised that thing everywhere! I remember my key ring being SO large and full of crap that you could use it as a lethal weapon. Big red was cool in high school for two reasons. 1) We played how many people can fit in that thing alot. and 2) All the boys wanted to drive my 4x4. The Tahoe followed me to college and was quickly named the DD bus. I have always been the mothering type and a friend or two or five would call me to come pick them up after a little too much of a good time. It burned up the highway between here and Murfreesboro with my music blaring. Dad and me took Big Red on two road trips together. One to Texas for my Grandad's funeral. And one to Ohio. The floorboard would be full of pork rind crumbs and the cup holders housed many used Styrofoam coffee cups when Dad was the navigator. The Tahoe followed me into married life. My husband quickly grew attached and it became his vehicle. Even though it was a gas guzzler, He loved it just the same. It came in handy for hauling during his man projects. A few months ago we began to talk of Old Red's fate. " Now that we have a child, we really need another SUV that is fuel efficient." I told Jeff. He agreed and we began the search for a new SUV. After awhile the perfect match showed up for us yesterday. A used Saturn Vue. Leather, DVD, the whole shebang. It carried with it an incredible price. Just what we had been looking for! So excited! But... deep down... a little sad. The Tahoe's fate... A nice man who has a son and will use it to take his son fishing. What a nice thought. Ok. I can live with that life for Old Red. All of this made me think about how 15 seems like a few days ago but actually it has been 10 years! It is so funny how life changes so fast. You go from looking in a vehicle and thinking "How many friends can I fit in here?" to "How many strollers can I fit in here?" This morning at 5:30 am, I heard it crank up for the last time in my driveway. I laid in bed a little sad. Goodbye Big Red! It's been great growing up with you!

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  1. What a great story! I'm too excited for your new turned over leaf called the satarn vue though to stay to long in the grieving process for Big Red. Love you