Friday, April 2, 2010

A Volunteer, Not a Victim

On this Good Friday I am reflecting on the person that Jesus was and still is! Yesterday in my Bible study, something brand new was revealed to me about the person of Christ. I was reading in Luke. I began reading in chapter 5 where Jesus goes to Simon ( who would become Peter) and John and James. They are just fishermen trying to make it. Empty nets from a night that did not bring fourth a single fish. Probably tired, and disgusted at the wasted effort. Then Jesus shows up.. He tells them to pull up there nets again. FULL OF FISH! Talk about a magic trick and having your mind blown! I would be a follower wouldn't you!? Then I moved over to verse 27. Jesus goes to call Levi, a lowly tax collector, who would become Matthew to follow Him. It says that they asked Jesus why He was hanging out with such "scum". SCUM. Sad huh? In chapter 7 verse 34, Jesus tells us that He was called a glutton and a drunkard and someone who hung out with sinners!!!! haha! That is the good news! You see, Jesus was not a people pleaser.. He was a revolutionary! He was not a victim, but a volunteer on the cross! And He came and lived, and died, and was risen again for ragamuffins like you and me!!! John Eldrege asks in the book "Wild at Heart," Do you think Jesus was more like Mother Teresa or William Wallace?" How on earth have we managed down the course of all of these years to make someone SO COOL uncool!? He spent His life wowing fisherman and busting up peoples judgements, and then with full knowledge of His fate, He volunteered for a horrible death for you and for me.. and then friends... HE DEFEATED THE GRAVE! and tells us of feasts and celebrations to come! What a warrior! How cool is HE!? and He calls us friend! Happy good friday and Easter Sunday to all. He's alive!

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  1. i just love this post.. i think I've read it at least 3 times. Such a great reminder. ps i looove your pimped out blog!! = )