Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vessels and Flowers

Hey Friends. I know you guys have been hearing us plug the life changing women's book Vessels and Flowers. Before we could not find copies. We just kept hoping a praying for something to come through for us to be able to find more copies.. Well.. GOD IS GOOD!! Sweet Mrs. Sally, one of the authors, found Brittney's blog. How great is that! Their website is up and running and a copy is only 12.95! For those of you who have not heard of the book please feel free to ask me what it is about. It is kind of the same idea as the Love Language books, but to me, way more in depth. YOu learn what vessel or personality type you are and then there is a spiritual gifts test in the end. It has been life changing for me and other friends. I no longer compare myself. I know who I am and the way the Lord made me. Please feel free to ask me anytime. The website is! Much Love!!!

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  1. Love this book! i actually got a copy from some guy on craigslist or something.. his dad had a bookstore that had used books and it closed down so all the books are in a shack in his backyard and he sells them on the internet lol Yay for being a golden pouch/rose = ) This book has changed my outlook on my personality and what i have to offer and also point out my challenges. I love the spiritual gift/flower part because i didnt have a clue about what "being a rose" was it till this book!